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The Company

ebizProduction is a French company specialized in web marketing and Internet strategy formulation and implementation. We assist companies establish strong and effective online presence and help them set strategies to achieve their objectives and get the best return on their investment in their e-marketplace. In this endeavor, we have created an online business network ‘First Network’ around the Mediterranean, and now we are present in five countries, South of France, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, and Egypt.
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In the near future our network will expand to the Gulf countries, Syria, and Tunis. The purpose of the network is to promote leading companies in major sectors of each country’s economy, and to help these companies communicate in a productive way. Companies that are members of our network enjoy exposure to potential clients, partners, suppliers, distributors, and others, making the network a launch pad for fruitful business deals. The online network is also intended to be a facilitator of business agreements pursuant to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Agreements on free trade between the EU and individual Mediterranean non-EU countries.

The Idea Behind “First Network” and its Objectives

The recent developments in globalization and the international relationships necessitate building bridges, creating links and integrating the business communities in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This is what the project First is all about.

The development of information and communication technology (ICT) provides people with easy access to economic, business, tourism, and cultural information for a given area. It also facilitates information exchange and broadcasting.

The recent conflicts are affecting the world’s economy and it is still difficult to foresee how deep the impact will be. These conflicts underline the key role Mediterranean countries have to play in the world’s economic stability. Economic development is required in the region to drive stability, and the bigger the trade volume across the Mediterranean is, the richer and more stable the bordering countries will be. Indeed, the region is rich with its cultural diversity, and at the same time, it shares a common cultural identity. Commerce between civilizations started and prospered in the region thousands of years ago, resulting in an exemplary cultural interpenetration. Therefore, facilitating commerce and information exchange through ‘First Network’ is reviving the prosperous past in today’s technological means. We capitalize on the same factors by which our ancestors made the Mediterranean a major trading region in history.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership is a program implemented to facilitate all kinds of exchanges between countries of the region. For a country to qualify to enter into this partnership, it must meet certain political and economic requirements, indicating the country’s stability. Eventually, stability and economic development complement each other, leading cultural and social exchanges.

‘First Network’ aims at creating the conditions to start business relationships: know and let people know, start the business, and establish mutual trust.
ebizproduction is supported by "Le Conseil Régional de la Région
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur".
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